The Zen-Pou's factory locates in Seki city.
Seki is the capital of Japanese smith, has inherited the tradition of Japanese smith more than 700 years since the age of Samurai. And even now live best craftsmen and masters of Japanese knives.
Zen-Pou's factory is hidden between beautiful mountains and rivers, there are no buildings or houses. only some cutlery and knife makers know this factory. Of course can not find it by internet.
but surprisingly, most of VG10 steel Japanese knife is made in this factory! And Zen-Pou series is first-class kitchen knife of this factory.

CY203 / Japanese Santoku knife TC Damascus Zen-Pou 185mm

  • Blade 185mm (7.28inch) , Total Length 305mm (12inch) / Weight 176grs (6.20oz) / Damascus steel with VG10 core / Mahogany Wood Handle >Details

  • US$130.00  US$98.00

CY210 Japanese Gyuto/ Chef's knife TC Damascus Zen-Pou 215mm

CY201 / Japanese Santoku knife SP Damascus Zen-Pou 170mm

CY208 Japanese Wa-Santoku knife Damascus Zen-Pou 185mm

CY209 Japanese Wa-Petty knife Damascus Zen-Pou 155mm

CY211 Japanese Usuba knife TC Damascus Zen-Pou 165mm

CY207 Japanese Wa-Gyuto knife Damascus Zen-Pou 215mm

  • Blade 215mm (8.46 inch) , Total Length 360mm (14.1 inch) / Weight 147grs (5.18 oz) / Damascus steel with Aichiseikou 10A core / Rosewood Handle (For the right hand) >Details

  • US$189.00  US$ 143.00
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CY202 Japanese Petty knife SP Damascus Zen-Pou 140mm

CY204 Japanese Petty knife TC Damascus Zen-Pou 140mm

CY205 Japanese Yanagiba knife Shirogami Zen-Pou 240mm