Gyuto/ Chef's knife
Gyuto means meat Cutting Knife, but this is used for Meat, Fish and Vegetables, similar to Santoku. Also known as Chef's knife.

CI108 Japanese Gyuto Chef knife TS-Madam 210mm

CY210 Japanese Gyuto/ Chef's knife TC Damascus Zen-Pou 215mm

CS101 Japanese Gyuto/Chef knife Damascus Saiun 200mm

CH003 Japanese Chef knife Zen-pou Black Aogami Super steel 210mm

CH005 Japanese Chef knife Zen-pou TC Aogami Super steel 210mm

CH007 Japanese Chef knife Zen-pou Gingami3 steel 210mm

CY207 Japanese Wa-Gyuto knife Damascus Zen-Pou 215mm

  • Blade 215mm (8.46 inch) , Total Length 360mm (14.1 inch) / Weight 147grs (5.18 oz) / Damascus steel with Aichiseikou 10A core / Rosewood Handle (For the right hand) >Details

  • US$189.00  US$ 143.00
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CY104 Japanese Gyuto/ Chef's knife Damascus Minamoto 210mm

CS203 Japanese Chef knife Saji Black damascus 210mm

CS204 Japanese Gyuto knife Saji polished damascus 180mm

CF001 / Japanese kitchen knife Chef/Gyuto Futawa VG5 180mm

CI101 Japanese Gyuto Chef knife TS-Madam 180mm

CT003 Japanese Gyuto Chef knife Tojiro Fujitora 210mm

cs002 / Japanese kitchen knife Chef Sekimagoroku 5000CL 200mm