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How to make Sashimi

Sashimi is a Japanese food consisting of very fresh raw fish or seafoods sliced into thin pieces.
Serve with soy sauce and condiments like wasabi or ginger.

First, the most important thing is to get fresh fish that can be eat as raw.
If you use the fish caught, after cooling with ice, should extract the blood immediately. Because the main cause of fish odor is blood.

And, a good sharp kitchen knife is required , to cut fish without changing its organizational structure.
Sashimi that is broke its structure is not tasty.

How to clean a fish.

Deba knife is used for fish cleaning.

You can watch the cleaning process in the following video.
If you get fillet , do not need this step.
in this video, in the final process removes skin. but in the case of this fish you can eat with skin.

Cut into small pieces

Yabagiba knife is used to cut into small pieces.

After preparing fillet, cut off some parts that are not used,
to be easier form to make sashimi.

Basically ,keep in front the lower side of fillet , and high side of fillet put outside.
Cut pulling as drawing shape of an arc, and line up with the tip of knife.

must be folded fingers, to not cut finger.

This is a little more professional method, called SOGITSUKURI.