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How to make Sushi


Sushi is a Japanese food consisting of cooked vinegared rice combined with other ingredients such as fish or shellfish. It is internationally recognized as the most popular Japanese food.

Preparation of rice is very important.
(It should be adhesive like japanese rice.)

Rice Cooking
Cooking rice with a piece of seaweed.

preparing vinegar
Rice 150grs : rice vinegar 15cc : Sugar 10 g : salt 5g
Heat a little to mix well , unboiled .
Depends on your taste can be increased sugar.

Mix rice and cooked vinegar
Rice should be just cooked and very hot,
if not, rice does not absorb vinegar.

Mix carefully without breaking the rice grain.

Leave3 minutes

put together on one side and cover with a wet cloth so it does not dry.

When you make sushi,rice should be about 35 degrees.

Cutting fish

It is a way to cut Sushi ingredients.

How to form sushi

Mainly there are 3 methods to form sushi.
"Hontegaeshi" "Kotegaeshi" "Tategaeshi"
profesional sushi chef has to learn all,
but here we explain only "Kotegaeshi" which is more simple and easy.

The most important is how to catch rice with your right hand.
catching very smooth, without breaking rice grain.

put wasabi in the middle of the fish

Put rice on wasabi.

forming sushi

a secret to be more beautiful is,
press a little 2 sides.