About US

Our company was founded in 2001.
Our business was started as export and wholesale of Japanese kitchen knives. And in 2014, we started retailing through our website.

Our office is located near Seki city that is the largest knife production city in Japan. However, not only from Seki, but also we contract with factories and craftsmen all over Japan to purchase top quality kitchen knives.

We purchase all knives directly from factories and craftsmen. We do not buy from wholesalers. So we can sell kitchen knives at a good price. Please compare with other shops. We sell the same quality items cheaper than any other store. However if you live in Europe, please kindly note that you may be charged high taxes in some countries.

We hope you find your favorite Japanese kitchen knife.

We also have web page in Japanese, Spanish and French.

Shop url : https://japankitchenknives.com/
Company : Viento Kogei
Address : 2253-1 Naka Mitakecho Kanigun Gifuken Japan 505-0121
Phone : 81-574-67-3781
Representative: Yuji Yamada

If you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to answer any question.