Cancellation, Return and Refund


You can cancel without condition until the goods leave. After receiving cancellation , we refund to your account 100%. You can not cancel after shipping the item.

Return and Refund

If you receive items with problem, you can return to us and we refund your payment 100% or replace the item. You can return the item with following conditions. (1).Please contact us by e-mail, within 8 days after receipt the item.  (2).Items should be in original condition. (3).Return address : Viento Kogei 2253-1 Naka Mitakecho Gifuken Japan 505-0121 Tel : 81-574-67-3781

If the goods are delayed or not arrive…

90% of international shipping arrive all over the world within 2 weeks. 10% of packages are delayed by airplane or at destination customs. And 0.1% is lost.
If the packages are late, customer and we also worry. So here we make it clear so that we are calm.

  • All packages are shipped with tracking number. and in this page you can see where are the packages.
  • 90% of packages arrive without problem and 10% of packages is delayed.
  • If the package is delayed or not arrive, we inform to customer and make a process to investigate and speed up the delivery.
  • Some packages may take time, but 99.9% arrive at the customer.
  • In case of not arriving about 2 months, post office make decision as “The package was lost”.
  • The possibility of losing the package is only 0.1%, but if it is lost, we do as the customer wishes … we ship the goods again or refund.

So the customer does not lose anything at all.
But please understand that there are cases that have to wait.