CT009 Japanese Deba knife Tojiro 185mm

  • Item No. CT009 / Japanese kitchen knife Deba Tojiro 185mm

  • Blade 185mm / Weight 325grs / Shirogami Carbon Steel / Single beveled edge for right handed users

  • US$ 148.00
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We have shipped this kitchen knife mainly to Spain , Mexico , Argentina and Francia.
Note : About shipments to Europe

- Description -
Deba is japanese traditional knife.
It is used for fish cleaning.
Also you can cut meat and chicken including thin bones without losing edge.

Carbon steel Deba knife is easy to oxidize, so good maintenance is needed.
But sharper than stainless steel knife, and easy to resharpen.
So this Deba knife is preferred by professional chef.

Only one side must sharpen (sharpen the left photo)

  1. To avoid rust , please keep clean and dry well after each use.

    Acid, salt and water causes to rust. If not using a long time, recommended to keep in newspaper.Newspaper's oil prevents oxidation.

  2. Not recommend to clean in dishwasher.