DF003 / Nail clippers Feather - PARADA S

In the following cases we discount.
After receiving your order, we send the invoice with discount.
buy with knife or sharpening stone We discount US $ 5.00
buy more than 3 Nail Clippers US$ 5 discount per One.
If you purchase 3 Nail Clippers, We discount US $ 15.00

We have shipped this kitchen knife mainly to Spain , Andora , United States, Mexico , Germany , Australia , Russia , Switzerland and France.
Note : About shipments to Europe

- Description -
As kitchen knives, Nail clippers are also typical product of the smith city Seki. We have received many orders for gift!
FEATHER (located in Seki) is the most popular nail clipper manufacturer in Japan for 30 years. and PARADA is the highest grade nail clipper of this manufacturer.
You can cut smooth, without breaking nails.

Aso we have the larger size. DF001 Nail clippers PARADA (L) and Midium size DF002 Nail clippers PARADA (M)