CH007 Japanese Gyuto Chef knife Gingami3 stainless steel 210mm – Zenpou [US$163.00]

Japanese Gyuto knife Gingami#3 steel with its case

$195.00 US$163.00
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Knife TypeGyuto
Blade MaterialGingami3 Steel
HardnessAround 61 HRC
Double beveled edgeFor right and left-hand users
HandlePacker wood
Blade Length21cm (8.26inch)
Total Length33.5cm (13.2inch)
Weight195grs (6.87oz)
CountryMade in Japan


It’s very sharp and has resistance to oxidation. Japanese Gingami3 steel gyuto chef’s knife forged in the traditional way.

Gingami3 is the best stainless steel from Hitachi metals. The hardness of Gingami3 is almost the same as steel VG10. Its characteristic is similar to Aogami super steel(from Hitachi), can feel very strong sharpness. And it can sharpen with the stone easier than VG10. that’s why many demanding chefs want Gingami3 steel knife. If you want very sharp knife like Aogami’s super, but if you do not want it to rust, the Gingami3 steel knife is recommended.

(This knife had a brown handle before, but now changed to black.)

  1. Blade  : The hardness of Gingami3 is almost the same as VG10 steel(HRC = 61). And its characteristic is similar to Steel Aogami super (Hitachi Metals), can feel very strong sharpness. Gingami3 can be sharpened with the stone easier than VG10.
  2. Tsuba : This part is called Tsuba. There is no space between the blade and handle. So keep clean, and prevents corruption. Almost high-class kitchen knife has Tsuba.
  3. Handle :  Made of Black Packerwood


  • Keep clean and dry after use.
  • Do not use for any frozen foods or bones.
  • Not recommend to clean in dishwasher.