CP004 / Sharpening Stone Suehiro grain #1000 + #3000

We have shipped this sharpening stone mainly to Spain , United States, Germany , Australia , Russia , Canada , Mexico , Argentina , Switzerland , Italy , France , Luxembourg , Taiwan , Chile.
Note : About shipments to Europe

It's enough with only this stone! It has two sharpening sides , grain # 1000 and # 3000.
Suehiro is one of the most famous whetstone manufacturer in Japan. and this stone has been used more in the world.

Side # 1000 is to start sharpening, very easy to re-sharpen knives.
and other side # 3000 is used to finish the job. With this #3000 side, the blade can be very sharp and it will be long-lasting.

If you want one sharpening stone, buy this! Recommended for all type knives.

Please soaking (wet) the stone in water before using. and if dry, add enough water.