CP004 Sharpening Stone Suehiro grain #1000 + #3000 [$38.00]

Sharpening stone Suehiro #1000 and #3000
Grain#1000 + #3000 (Medium and Finishing)
Size180mm x 60mm x 25mm
CountryMade in Japan

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Minimum order amount is $70. Please order with other items.


It’s enough only with this stone! Suehiro is one of the most famous whetstone manufacturer in Japan, and this stone is more popular (most sold).

It has two sharpening sides , grain # 1000 and # 3000. Side # 1000 is to start sharpening and other side # 3000 is to finish the job. For stainless steel and carbon steel knives, recommended for all type knives.

*Please soaking (wet) the stone in water before using.

*To sharpen a knife well, the whetstone should be flat, but if you use it for a while, it will get dented in the middle. We have a tool to flatten the sharpening stone. Please contact us if you are interested.