CY217 Japanese Yanagiba knife Shirogami#2 steel Zen-Pou 230mm

  • Item No. CY217 / Japanese Yanagiba knife Shirogami#2 steel Zen-Pou 230mm

  • Blade 230mm (9inch) , Total Length 380mm (15inch) / Weight 150grs (5.3oz) / Shirogami#2 carbon steel / Available for Right-handed

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- Description -
Yanagiba knife (sashimi knife) for professional chefs made by knife craftsman in Osaka. It is made of shirogami#2 steel which is most popular and ideal material for Yanagiba knife, it cuts very well and is easy to sharpen. The handle is made of octagonal Rosewood beautiful finished.

  1. Blade material : Shirogami # 2 steel is a type of carbon steel that is manufactured by Hitachi Metals, and is mainly used for traditional Japanese knives such as Yanagiba and Deba. The feature is very sharp and easy to regrind. It is not stainless steel, so it rusts easily. After use, please wash it, remove the water and store it in a place where there is not much humidity.

  2. Blade type : Single edged blade for right-handed users

  3. Handle : made of octagonal Rosewood, which is beautiful finished and comfortable to grip.

Knife type - Yanagiba
Yanagiba knives are normally used for slice boneless fish fillets for Sashimi and Sushi. The long blade allows the user to cut a Fish fillet in a single stroke. This prevents zigzag cutting, which creates a serrated cross section. Also be used to fillet small to medium-sized fish and are often used for skinning fish.

Brand : Zeu pou
Length : Blade 23cm (9inch) , Total Length 38cm (15inch)
Weight : 150grs (5.3oz)
Blade : SHirogami#2 carbon steel
Hardness : HRC 64
Handle : Rosewood
For : Right-handed users


  • Keep clean and dry after use.
  • Do not use for any frozen foods or bones.
  • Not recommend to clean in dishwasher.