CY303 Japanese Black Gyuto knife Yamamoto - Aogami Super steel 180mm

  • Item No. CY303 / Japanese Black Gyuto knife Yamamoto - Aogami Super steel 180mm

  • Blade 18cm (7.08inch) , Total Length 32.5cm (12.8inch) / Weight 167grs (5.9oz) / Aogami(Blue) Super steel / Double beveled edge

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- Description -
Black forged Gyuto knife (Blade 18cm) made by Mr. Yamamoto who is one of the most notable Echizen knife craftsmen. The Echizen area is known as the center of forged knives and Mr. Yamamoto is certified by the Japanese government as a traditional craftsman.

The edge is made of Aogami (blue) super. It is the best carbon steel from Hitachi Metals, it has the highest hardness of Japanese steel (HRC = 67) and a long-lasting sharpness.

Aogami super is not stainless steel, so it rusts, but both sides are covered with stainless steel. However, it should not be left wet to avoid oxidation of the edge.

The blade is very hard but it is not difficult to sharpen with the stone. It's easier than stainless steel knives. To maintain its function, it is recommended to have a sharpening stone.

Do not cut frozen food or bones, to avoid chipping in the blade.

  1. Material... Aogami (blue) super is a steel from Hitachi metals. (Aogami = blue is not steel color. Put papers to distinguish steels, Aogami (blue) is the color of this paper and also name of steel.) It has the highest quality of Hitachi Mitals and maximum hardness of Japanese steel(HRC = 67). Aogami Super is not stainless steel, it should not leave wet. But it is covered with stainless steel, so most part of the blade has resistance to oxidation.

  2. Handle is made of Octagonal high quality rosewood with protection against water , comfortable to grip.

  3. Available for both right and left handed users.

There is no space between the blade and the handle, so water does not enter and you can use it hygienically.

Knife type - Gyuto
Gyuto is the Japanese version of classic Western chef's knife. Use it for cutting Meat, Fish and Vegetables. It is a multi-purpose knife like Santoku. Also known as Chef's knife.

Brand : Yamamoto
Length : Blade 18cm (7.08inch) , Total Length 32.5cm (12.8inch)
Weight : 167grs (5.9oz)
Blade : Stainless steel with Aogami Super steel core
Hardness : HRC 67
Handle : Rosewood
For : Right-handed users and Left-handed users

  1. Keep clean and dry after use.
  2. Do not use for any frozen foods or bones.
  3. Not recommend to clean in dishwasher.