CT008 Japanese Deba Kitchen Knife Shirogami#2 Steel 150mm – Tojiro [Sold Out]

Japanese Deba Knife Black carbon steel
Knife TypeDeba
Blade SteelShiroghami#2 (Carbon)
HardnessAround 62 HRC
Single beveled edgeFor right hand users
HandleNatural wood
Blade Length150mm (5.9inch) 
Total Length260mm
Weight215grs (7.58oz) 
CountryMade in Japan

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To clean up the fish, Tojiro Brand Deba knife.

Tojiro is the brand of Fujitara Industry Co. located in Tsubame-city, the largest knife maker in northern Japan. They have a wide range of items from Western knives to Japanese traditional style knives.

Deba is japanese traditional knife. It is used for fish cleaning. Also you can cut meat and chicken including thin bones.

Carbon steel knife is easy to oxidize, so good maintenance is needed. But sharper than stainless steel and easy to resharpen. For thick knives such as Deba, carbon steel is recommended because it is easy to sharpen.

  1. Blade  : Shirogami # 2 steel is a type of carbon steel that is manufactured by Hitachi Metals, and is mainly used for traditional Japanese knives such as Yanagiba and Deba. The feature is very sharp and easy to regrind. It is not stainless steel, so it rusts easily. After use, please wash it, remove the water and store it in a place where there is not much humidity.
  2. Handle : Made of Natural wood


  • Keep clean and dry after use.
  • Do not use for any frozen foods or bones.
  • Not recommend to clean in dishwasher.