CK101 Japanese Santoku knife Black Aogami#2 carbon steel 165mm – Tosa Kajiya [Sold Out]

Japanese Handmade forged Santoku  Knife Black carbon steel

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BrandTosa kajiya
Knife TypeSantoku
Blade MaterialAogami#2 Carbon steel
HardnessAround 63 HRC
Double beveled edgeFor right and left-hand users
HandleChestnut wood
Blade Length165mm (6.5inch) 
Total Length305mm (12inch)
Weight140grs (4.93oz)
CountryMade in Japan


Mr. Tsutomu Kajiwara was born in the blacksmith’s family and has been making kitchen knives since he was a child. So he has more than 50 years of experience.

This is a traditional Japanese knife. All handmade, forging with a hammer to form a knife, and has the natural color (black) that appeared in the forging process. It is a kitchen knife that has been used since the era of samurai.

  1. Blade  : Aogami#2 Steel is one of the highest quality carbon steels from Hitachi Metals (HRC = 63). It is not stainless so it oxidizes. But it is easy to sharpen and with stone you can make more sharp than stainless steel knife.
  2. Handle : Chestnut wood in classic shape.


  • Keep clean and dry after use.
  • Do not use for any frozen foods or bones.
  • Not recommend to clean in dishwasher.