How to sharpen a knife with a stone

Preparation for sharpening a knife

  1. Prepare a towel, sharpening stone, container to soak the stone in water, and kitchen knife.

  2. This is a convenient double-sided grindstone, the middle stone # 1000 and the finishing stone # 3000. (We sell this sharpening stone in our shop.)

    First sharpen with medium grindstone # 1000. Numbers represent the roughness of the stone, # 1000 is the most common sharpening stone.
    (If you want to fix broken blade, use slightly rough stone such as # 200, # 300 etc.)

  3. Soak the stone in water before using.

  4. Set the sharpening stone on stable place. for example put on wet towel to not move.

  5. Placing the knife at an angle of 45 degrees from the stone.

  6. Lift up 15 degrees. 15 degrees = there is a space for 2 or 3 coins.

    Important! While sharpening , should keep the same angle (15 degrees).

    We have a support product to maintain same angle.

    It can sharpen more correctly and faster.

  7. Holding knife with right hand, and push the point you want to sharpen with 2 or 3 fingers of left hand.
    Fingers should be placed on where you want to sharpen.

    In case of sharpening yanagiba or deba,
    Push the blade with your finger, you can know its own angle for sharpening.

    (How to Sharpen a Knife yabagiba or deba)

Start to sharpen a knife with a stone

Start with medium grit stone #1000.

  1. Sharpen face side of the blade.
    Push forward with a little force and return softly. Use the whole of the stone.

  2. Until you accustom, it is recommended sharpen 3 parts separately. (Base, center and tip)

  3. Sharpen until the edge rises up (burr) as the following picture.

    The burr is very small and not seen. So check with your finger.

    If you feel something rough, already well sharpened.
    If you have a hard blade knife like vg10 steel, maybe you need to sharpen more than 5 minutes until the edge rises up (burr).

  4. If the stone dry, add water.

    Mud is useful to sharpen. do not clean.

Sharpen other side of the blade

  1. Also other side of the blade, sharpen maintaining the two angles, 45 degrees and 15 degrees.

    Repeat this process until remove the burr(raised portion) .
    It is not necessary to sharpen so much this side. Sharpen until remove the burr(raised portion) of the edge.

  2. When it comes close to the handle, it will become difficult. So in that case please sharpen with a method that is easy to do, such as putting a kitchen knife at right angle to the sharpening stone.

  3. Confirm that there is no burr.

    In case of sharpening other side of yanagiba or deba,
    Sharpening this side just to remove the burr(raised portion).
    not sharpening too much.

    (How to Sharpen a Knife yabagiba or deba)

Final process with the finer grit stone #3000

  1. Sharpen both sides with finish stone.

    This process is not very necessary, but after sharpening with stone #3000, can get better blade, more sharp and long lasting.

  2. Important! While sharpening , should keep the same angle (15 degrees).

Check the recovery of sharpness

Recovery of sharpness can be confirmed by cutting paper.

After sharpening

  1. After sharpening, wash the kitchen knife and wipe it with a towel.

  2. Stone also wash with water and keep it out of direct sunlight.

Recommendations about japanese shapening stones

  1. On this page we have explained how to sharpen with stone # 1000 (medium) and # 3000 (finer grain).

    (Photo : Sharpening Stone Suehiro grain #1000 + #3000)
    You can buy it in our store.

  2. If you have knife very hard and if you can not sharpen well , it is recommended to start with the stone #500 or #700.

    We have good quality # 700 sharpening stone.

    (Photo : Suehiro Cerax grano #700)

Video - How to Sharpen a Knife with stone

How to Sharpen a Knife video