How to sharpen a knife with whetstone

After using for some period, cutting edge will be rounded. It is recommended to sharpen knife constantly to maintain enough sharpness.

Preparation for sharpening

Prepare a towel, sharpening stone, container to soak the stone in water, and kitchen knife.
Soak the stone in water before using.
Set the sharpening stone on stable place. for example put on wet towel to not move.
Place the knife at a 45 degree angle to the stone.
Lift up 15 degrees. 15 degrees means there is space for 2 or 3 coins.

If you sharpen with small angle, blade is sharper but it is not strong. If you sharpen large angle, blade is strong but not very sharp.15 degrees is recommended .

*Important! should keep the same angle (15 degrees) while sharpening.

You can use sharpening holder to maintain same angle. See the sharpening holder.
Holding knife with right hand, and push the point you want to sharpen with 2 fingers of left hand.
Fingers should be placed on where you want to sharpen.

Sharpen the front side of the blade 

Push forward with a little force and return softly.
If the stone dry, add water.
Mud is useful to sharpen. do not clean.
Sharpen until the burr is rised as this drawing.
The burr is very small and not seen. So check with your finger.

Sharpen other side of the blade

Also other side of the blade, sharpen maintaining 15 degrees.
Pull with a little force and move forward softly.

It is recommended to sharpen the front and other side same. This is because if you continue to sharpen only one side, the center will gradually shift. Sharpen so that the edge always stays in the center of the blade.

If you have a finer whetstone, repeat the same work. But not very necessary.

After sharpening

After sharpening, wash the kitchen knife and wipe it with a towel.
Stone also wash with water and keep it out of direct sunlight.