CM103 Japanese Yanagiba knife Shirogami steel 265mm – Zenpou [$163.00]

Knife TypeYanagiba
Blade SteelShirogami (Carbon)
HardnessAround 63 HRC
Shingle beveled edgeFor right hand users
HandleMagnolia wood
Blade Length265mm(10.5inch)
Total Length420mm(16.5inch)
CountryMade in Japan

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For slicing fish fillets for Sashimi and Sushi, Zenpou Brand Yanagiba knife.

Professional Yanagiba knife (sashimi knife) made by craftsman in Osaka. It is made of shirogami steel which is most popular and ideal material for Yanagiba knife, it cuts well and is easy to sharpen.

The handle is made of magnolia wood(collar ring is made of buffalo horn). Carefully finished and has a smooth grip.

The blade is simply sharpened. You can make it sharper by sharpening it with a whetstone.

  1. Blade  : Shirogami steel is a type of carbon steel that is manufactured by Hitachi Metals, and is mainly used for traditional Japanese knives such as Yanagiba and Deba. The feature is sharp and easy to regrind. It is not stainless steel, so it rusts. After use, wash with detergent, wipe off moisture with a towel, and store.
  2. Handle : made of Magnolia wood with buffalo horn


  • Keep clean and dry after use.
  • Do not use for any frozen foods or bones.
  • Not recommend to clean in dishwasher.