Japanese Damascus knives. What are its characteristics?

Handmade VG10 Damascus blade

This is a page specializing in Damascus knife. You can see the structure and features of Damascus blade,  and various types of Damascus knives are introduced (Mainly made in Japan, including knives made in China and Germany), so if you are looking for a Damascus knife, please refer to it.

What is Damascus Knife?

Damascus knife has a laminated steel blade made by stacking multiple steels.

The center cutting edge is made of hard & sharp steel, and both sides are covered with different steels. They are metallically joined together with multiple steels, not by glue or plating.

Origin of the name Damascus knife

In the Middle Ages, beautiful and sharp knives with a wave-like pattern were made in Damascus, the capital of Syria. This is the original Damascus knife and origin of the name Damascus knife. However, the manufacturing method has been lost and it is impossible to compare it with Today’s Damascus knives.

Popular Damascus knives

Zenpou VG10 Damascus Santoku knife

Made in Japan
Santoku knives made by Mr. Saji, a traditional craftsman licensed by the Japanese government. It has a characteristic handle made of deer horn.

Minamoto VG10 Damascus Santoku knife

Made in Japan
A knife maker representing Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, which also undertakes OEM production from various knife brands. Not only the sharpness, but also the handle and the blade are very elaborately made, and you can feel the work of a master craftsman. This Damascus knife is lightweight and easy to use, so it is recommended for women too. 

Chinese Damascus Knife with its case

Utaki Damascus Chef’s knife

Made in China
This is a Damascus knife made in China. This is just as beautiful as a Japanese knife. However, compared to Japanese knives, Chinese Damascus knives are considerably heavier. There is no weight notation, but this knife is probably over 250grms. Many Damascus knives are manufactured in China and shipped under the name of Japanese knives. Many of the Damascus knives sold on Amazon are made in China.

Chinese vg10 Damascus Knife with its case

Dtyt Damascus Kiritsuke Gyuto knife

Made in China
Following the above one, this is also a Damascus knife made in China. Many Damascus knives are manufactured in China now, and we often receive sales emails. This knife is one of them. Currently, we only sell Japanese knives, but it looks beautiful that we will want to try it once.

Germany SG2 Damascus chef Knife

ZWILLING SG2 Damascus Gyuto knife

Made in Germany
A Damascus knife designed by renowned American knife designer Bob Kramer and manufactured in Germany. Very hard and sharp powdered stainless steel is used in the center of the 101-layer laminated steel. The sharpness is good, but it will be difficult to sharpen by yourself. And it’s pretty heavy.

Pakistan made Damascus Knife

Pakistan stainless Damascus chef knife

Made in Pakistan
Damascus knives are also made in Pakistan. They may have a good reputation or a bad reputation, which means that the quality seems to vary. It is verified in detail at the link destination, so you can see it for reference.

3 Japanese Damascus knives Nakiri, santoku and small santoku

Nikara Damascus knives

Made in Japan
Ordered by the Japanese shogunate during the Edo period, sword making began in Aomori prefecture (northern part of Japan). Nikara is a cutlery that inherits that tradition.

Japanese AUS10 steel Damascus Knife with its case

Zenpou AUS10 Dmascus santoku knife

Made in Japan
The pattern of laminated steel is an art. It has a unique pattern that does not resemble any other Damascus knives. AUS10 from Aichi Steel (a steel manufacturer for Toyota Motor) is used for the cutting edge. It is often compared to VG10, it has the same sharpness, and it has the advantage of being easier to sharpen with stone.

Japanese  Damascus Knife Saji with its case

Saji VG10 Damascus Gyuto knife

Made in Japan
It is a Damascus knife made by Mr. Saji, who is certified as a traditional craftsman by the Japanese government and is very famous among high-class knife collectors. The blade is beautifully polished, and the handle is made of high-quality micarta. It is a kitchen knife that is as beautiful as a work of art.

Japanese Damascus Yanagiba Knife

Sakai Kanechika Aogami#2 Damascus Yanagiba knife

Made in Japan
This is a sashimi(Yanagiba) knife with a Damascus blade and ebony handle. The finest products made by traditional craftsmen in Sakai, Osaka.  It is quite expensive, but posted for reference.

Japanese Aogami steel Damascus Knife Tosakajiya

Tosakajiya Aogami#2 Damascus Gyuto knife

Made in Japan
A handmade Damascus knife made by the traditional method of the Tosa region. The materials are Aogami #2 steel and iron. The blade is sharp, but it is not stainless steel, so it is easy to rust.

Japanese VG10 Damascus hammered Knife Sakai Takayuki with its case

Sakai Takayuki VG10 Damascus Kiritsuke Gyuto knife

Made in Japan
It is a kiristuke gyuto knife sold by Takayuki Sakai, a famous knife brand in Osaka. This model with pointed tip is popular in the Western market, and in Japan Santoku type is more popular.

Japanese traditional style Damascus hammered Knife sakai takayuki

Sakai Takayuki VG10 Damascus Wa Gyuto knife

Made in Japan
It is a Damascus chef knife with a traditional Japanese handle sold by the Sakai Takayuki brand. Traditional Japanese knives are usually made of carbon steel and easy to rust, but since this is made of VG10 Damascus, it is hard to rust and easy to maintain.

Japanese VG10 Damascus Knife with cat print

Ku VG10 Damascus Santoku knife

Made in Japan
Damascus Santoku knife made by G-SAKAI, a maker that produces original knives. The VG10 Damascus blade has a cat printed on it, and the handle has a unique shape.

Japanese VG10 Damascus Kiritsuke Gyuto Knife

Black VG10 Damascus Bunka knife

Made in Japan
This blade is called Black Damascus and has a slightly different shade than other VG10 Damascus blades. In addition, the wood handle is well polished and has a beautiful finish. A sharp and beautiful Japanese style kitchen knife.

Japanese VG10 Black Damascus petty Knife

Black VG10 Damascus Petty knife

Made in Japan
From the same brand as above, it is a Damascus petty knife.

Japanese VG10 Damascus Chef Knife Seki-kanetsugu Saiun

Seki-kanetsugu VG10 Damascus Chef’s knife

Made in Japan
A Damascus knife made by Seki-kanetsugu, a knife maker that has been in business for over 100 years. This Saiun series is made primarily for the Western market and has a shape closer to a Western chef’s knife than a Japanese gyuto knife. So we receive most orders from abroad.

Japanese VG10 Damascus paring Knife Seki-kanetsugu Saiun

Seki-kanetsugu VG10 Damascus Paring knife

Made in Japan
Another popular knife from the Seki-Kanetsugu brand. We have received many orders for this paring knife from both Japan and overseas.