About vg-10 damascus steel knife

Vg-10 damascus steel knife is one of the knife class defined by the material and structure of the blade.

17 Layers damascus knife blade
The Vg-10 steel core is sandwiched between Damascus steel on both sides.

  1. VG10 Steel cutting edge is hard(HRC : 61) and very sharp. Vg-10 is the name of the steel made by Takefu Special Steel Corporation located in Fukui Japan. It is one of the best quality japanese stainless steel for kitchen knife today.

  2. Damascus blade is made by overlaying different steel layers. has the property of being hardly bends and hard to break.

vg-10 steel board
Also you can buy vg-10 raw materials like this. 5cm x 25cm US$30.00.(Now we don't sell it.)

Components of VG-10 and more steels

Name of steel


VG-10 steel 0.95-1.05% of carbon, 15% of chromium, 0.2% of vanadium
VG-1 steel 0.95-1.05% of carbon, 14% of chromium, 0.2% of vanadium
VG-5 steel 0.8% of carbon, 14% of chromium, 0.2% of vanadium
Shirogimi carbon steel 1.0-1.2% of carbon, 0% of chromium
Aogami super carbon steel 1.2-1.4% of carbon, 4% of chromium
Molybdenum steel 0.8% of carbon, 13% of chromium, 0.2% of vanadium

Before, have been said as the following... If you want a very sharp knife, choose a carbon steel knife. (like Aogami steel or Shirogami steel) but easy to oxidize, so necessary to be careful. If you want an oxidation resistant kitchen knife, choose stainless steel kitchen knife. But not very sharp like carbon steel knives.

However, vg-10 is an ideal blade steel that combines the advantages of both carbon steel and stainless steel. It is very sharp like carbon steel and has strong rust resistant. (Hardness HRC 61, chromium 15%)

VG-10 is high carbon steel and also has strong rust resistant. Carbon is related to hardness, and chromium is related to rust resistant.

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Best choice is vg-10 damascus steel

There are 2 types of vg-10 steel knives.

(1). VG10 Damascus steel blade; VG-10 cutting edge is sandwiched between layers of different steel.
Sectional view of vg-10 damascus steel knife

(2). Full VG10 steel blade.
Sectional view of vg-10 steel knife

If you are looking for a good knife, vg-10 damascus steel knife is the best choice!

Next, we explain the reason in detail.

Why VG10 damascus steel knife is the best? why not full VG10 steel?

Because vg-10 damascus steel will have various advantages(Compound characteristic) by composing multiple steel in layers. Followings are advantages obtained by overlaying steel.

  1. Heat treatment(hardening and tempering) can be easily. So finished in a hard and sticky(flexibility) blade. The most important thing is the balance of hard and sticky(flexibility). If it lacks sticky(flexibility) , hard blade breaks easily.

  2. Like a Japanese sword, blade has the property of being hardly bends , hard to break.

  3. Various patterns are born by the way of overlapping of multiple steels. Damascus blade is always beatiful as an art.

17 layers vg-10 damascus steel knife blade
(VG-10 damascus steel blade kitchen knife)

(VG-10 damascus steel knives video)

Are there no better knives than vg-10 ?

There are harder stainless steels than VG10 such as Powder High-Speed steel. However hard does not mean strong. If it lacks sticky(flexibility), hard blade will be broken. The most important thing is the balance of hardness and sticky(flexibility). And also this steel is very expensive, increases the price of products several times.
broken knives blades

Finally, we think vg-10 damascus is the best stainless steel for kitchen knives.

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